Luskville on Saturday everybody ?


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Nov 4, 2002
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It appears that it's not gonna rain on Saturday. Yé :p

I need to get that car to the track so I can see if it needs a good tune or not. I'm 99% sure I'm going on Saturday morning at Luskville Dragway

It would be fun if we could go as a bunch of stangs. Zoma and QcStang have already mentioned their interest....MOntrealFive0 will propably be coming down from Montreal...I might be getting a few guys from my local Mustang clubs(carl, Marc...)

I live 1h45 from Mtl. That isnt that big of a ride. If you guys from there feel like coming to join us, that would be great. I'll be going to Sanair myself this summer as well.

There's a "TopGun Quick8 shootout" on Saturday. :shrug: I'll make sure we could all run test trials even with that shootout. I'll get back to you with an answer. Not gonna make you come down here for nothing. If we go, well me at least, I'll be there at like 10h30-11am.

Anyway, the more people there is, more fun it is !
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I'd like to go but I'll be busy trying to get my car running :lol: This morning I drank 10 bucks of fuel, and started to drive into the carwash, only realizing that I'm on a bicycle :(

I'm quoting who I beleive to be the son of the OWNER of the dragway:
Info For Top Dragster

1. Fastest eight cars qualify on the 1/8 mile- 5:50 minimum bump
2. Cars must make at least two qualifying runs.
3. Cars will run off NHRA Pro Ladder

$1000. to win
$400. runner up $200. to the semis
Qualifying will take place on Sat. beginning at 5:00
Eliminations will go at 7:00 pm--Final round goes at 8:00

As well there is time trials for all street cars saturday, the time trials will go until 11pm

See you all there

So its a GO for everybody interested. :D