Mach1 chin spoiler install

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you will also need to get either push pins or nylon screws. My kit only came with 3 push pins, which is not going to keep the chin spoiler on the car. I put both push pins and nylon screws with locking nylon nuts on. I alternated the push pins/screws. And I am very glad I did, about two weeks after instal I ran over a trash bag side dead deer carcass. It ripped the inner air dam off(only held on with a few pins), but the chin spoiler didn't move.
Volldamort said:
Yes, drilling is required. I ordered my kit from GEF Racing and it came with everything I needed, including the pins (excluding the drill :D)

Ditto. There are about a dozen fasteners to drill for. I lined up the back edges with the wheel well openings and taped them in place with packaging tape. Then I added tape to hold it in place as it starts curving around to the front. And then I taped the front loosely just to hold it roughly in place. First I drilled the holes for the two rear corners and fastened them in place. (Because of the angle of the spoiler, and the closeness of the hole to the inside edge of the spoiler, I had to hold it a little INSIDE of where I wanted it to sit - my first hole, because of the angle of the drill bit, held it sticking out past the side of the lower fender too wide - had to drill an new hole in BOTH the spoiler and the fender. After those first two rearward holes, I was generally able to just hold the spoiler in place and drill straight in - the angles didn't screw it up.) Then I skipped one hole and drilled and fastened the 3rd hole on each side. Then I went back and did the 2nd hole. Then the 4th hole on each side. Through these four holes, I kept the spoiler lined up flush with the fender. Now the chin spoiler gradually curves around the front and recedes slightly behind the bumper cover lower edge. I pushed the middle out firmly (not HARD enough to stress and bend everything...but firmly) and drilled and fastened the center. Then I went to the two holes midway on each side of the front center one, and did them, again applying some pressure to hole it as far forward as possible (without pushing too hard). Then I filled in the rest.

I used the available kit, as Voldamort did, but in retrospect I'd probably substitue the plastic push, or push and screw, fasteners with something like the plastic screws and locknuts with washers as Russ did. The factory type fasteners didn't snug it up quite as tight as I'd like (looks o.k. unless you're laying down right in front of the car, though). I'll probably re-do mine something like that - maybe still use the 3 original push fasteners at middle and corners, just cause they fit tighter SIDE-TO-SIDE and locate it a little more positively that way. I'd used the harder screws and locknuts (plastic) for the rest.

Regarding fit. I kind of wanted it to fit flush at the front...but I decided (with some advice I'd read here) that that wouldn't show so much, and I wanted it to fit flush with the wheel well opening and along the sides. Don't regret that one bit - I think it looks much better.

Good luck. You'll like it. :D
FastRedPonyCar said:
good topic. my friend is getting a mach1 chin spoiler for christmas that we'll be putting on. does it require painting or does it come already with the matte black finish?

It's just black molded plastic. Basically a matte black finish...looks fine. If you want to paint it, you're going to need to use a flex agent to prevent cracking and peeling, and you're gonna have to do a bunch of sanding to get it smooth....or your body shop will!! Looks good black...but then my car's black. If it weren't I'd probably be tempted to do the body-color thing.
I installed mine about 6 months ago. Easiest body mod I ever did! I didnt have an extra pair of hands, so I used masking tape. Just tape it up there and align it just the way you like it (there will be about a half inch gap on both sides.) and drill away. 8 holes later, just throw in the pushpins, and your done!
Everything these guys suggested is the way to go. I put the car up some stands, lined the back edge of the spoiler up to the well, used masking tape to align and hold it, and began drilling. Worked great. Took 30 minutes tops.
Wow, guy's sure know how to make things difficult. Just use some galvanized zip screws ( hex headed sheet metal screws) with a cordless drill and a 5/16" bit. I've done a few that way, 2.5 minutes max! you can take it off in 1 minute!
rcn4him said:
Wow, guy's sure know how to make things difficult. Just use some galvanized zip screws ( hex headed sheet metal screws) with a cordless drill and a 5/16" bit. I've done a few that way, 2.5 minutes max! you can take it off in 1 minute!

Uhhhhhh...........that's basically what I said earlier, where you been? :D
2001 Geee T said:
Does anyone know what size the plastic push pins are? I want to get some at the hardware store but dont have a sample to go by. I know the drill bit is 1/4 inch does that go the same for the push pins?

I wouldn't take a chance with push pins. Just get some half inch bolts with
washers and nylon nuts. Make sure you use all 14 holes so it doesn't sag and fits flush all the way around. At first I skipped a couple of holes and you could tell, so make sure to not skimp on the hardware.
As for a perfect fit, I think the half inch that you loose on each end is better than it not fitting flush on the front. A flush fit up front is what you want.
If you have enough people helping you, you can accomplish both. But yoiu have to pull hard to line it all up.