Meguiars Ultimate Quick Detailer

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Don't do it if it has rain on it. Rain has alot of dirt and contaiments that can harm the surface if you rub it in. If it's dust from your garage you can hit it with a duster and then give it a spritz.
The rule of thumb on any QD is to use if the car is lightly dusted. About what you would have after a day in a garage.

If the car has seen rain don't use it... if the car has had dew on the paint don't use it... if the car is very dusty, or it is windy don't use it.

The UQD is designed to add slickness and to help sheet water. I typically use this product right after I have washed the car and about 24 hours later. Any longer than this and I will just wash the car.

i used it today

yes probably better to wash the car:shrug:

some dust from rain wont kill you:)
if you just waxed it i would not worry and use it

light microfiber towel and qd isnt very abrassive:nice:

aint that what wax is for:shrug:

its quicker than washing ..
I think that's just the NXT stuff repackaged. Smells the same to me anyhow. I like the original better. And I wouldn't use it on filthy paint, but light dirt is what it's made for-to become the lubricant between the dirt and paint, just like car wash soap...