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Jun 25, 2004
Wylie, Texas
I bought a silver 01 GT the other day and now I'm trying to decied where to begin and I have some questions. The car is my daily driver so my goals in modding it are to pep it up a bit and get some more performance out of it to make it more fun to drive. I live in Wylie Texas which is out near Garland and Sachse so if anyone knows of some good place to have some of this work done I would appreciate if you'd share.

4.10 gears - What type of shop do I need to take it to and what questions would I need to ask to make sure they know what they are doing? I live in Wylie Texas and I think the obvious choice may be Dallas Mustang which is close to where I work.

C&L Truflow Inlet Tube - Do you have to buy the filter box at the same time or can you use the tube to replace the accordian hose and leave the air fliter alone till later.

Steeda UD Pulleys - Do you have to buy a new belt when you put these on or do they use the original belt?

Steeda Springs - Are these hard to put on by yourself or should I have a shop do em. And, for that matter, are they a decent product? Do I need to change the shocks at the same time?

Triax Shifter - Is this a project I could do myself? Im new to working on my own car would this be a way to get my feet wet relatively safely?

Plenum - I was considering the one by Steeda but would I be happy with it or is it overrated?

Subframe Connections - I understand from what I have read that you really ought to have these suckers welded on to get teh most benefit from them but again I'm not sure what type of shop to take the car to to have it done.

Muffler - Right now the car is stock. This is the muffler I was thinking of having put on, or can I put these on myself? Muffler . I don't know how to weld so if they need to be welded in then I'll have to take it to a shop. And for that matter I need to do some hunting on the net to see if I can find a recording of em.

X Pipe - Probably gonna go with the Dr. Gas one.

So If anyone can enlighten me with your own experiences with these mods or types of mods I would be grateful to know what I was getiing in to before I started. :D
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Greensix said:
So If anyone can enlighten me with your own experiences with these mods or types of mods I would be grateful to know what I was getiing in to before I started. :D

I will speak to the things that I have experience with:

Steeda Springs - I put these on myself and it was very easy. A little time consuming and somewhat frustrating at times, but easy. I am a computer geek, so if I can do it, so can you. I did not replace the shocks at the same time and the car seems fine after 8 months. You will want to check out the online walkthroughs. I printed a couple out and followed them religiously.

Triax Shifter - I also did this myself and this is a very easy mod to do yourself. Again, check out online walkthroughs.
Of all the mods you listed, the Tri-Ax will make the car a lot more fun to drive, so will the 4.10 gears. You can do the Tri-Ax yourself in about 30 minutes. It is very simple. The 4.10 gears will cost around $500 installed from what I hear. You cannot do them yourself unless you are experienced and have the equipment necessary.

If you go with a plenum, get a 75mm TB also, I think the biggest gains I've seen are around 14 rwhp with the combo and those were Accufab products. It was in last months' MM&FF mag.

If you just replace your mufflers, then you have to cut out the old ones and have the new ones welded in. Or you can go with a catback and do the work yourself. You still have to cut the stock system just behind the mufflers to take it out, but my magnaflow system bolted right in.