Moultrie, GA swap meet?

anybody going this weekend? this will my 1st time to go. is everything layed out pretty well in make categories or kinda scattered around? i know alot of walking is involved. how about the weather forecast? in n. AL they are predicting possibly some snow or possibly sleet tonight and this morning it was 14 degrees when i came to work.
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moultrie,Ga swap meet

i went on friday.i found several parts i wanted for my 66 coupe.of course there was plenty of chevy parts but there was several mustang venders. mustangs unlimited,cj pony parts,manatee mustang,and J.J.'s mustangs parts from Chattanooga,TN was there. several other independent parts places had a lot of mustang and ford son was looking for some mopar parts but had little luck. the car corral had alot of great cars. i actually ran up on a shaker hood scoop that i got a pretty good deal on. it had the back left edge broke so i got a discounted price on.i'm considering using it on my car.
Yeah I was there friday. It was cold but not near as cold as saturday. This event was not as big as the one in the fall, and yes, it is 25 to 1 chevy parts.

I had mustangs unlimited deliver all the sheetmetal i needed for my repaint for free. It would have cost me over 100 dollars to ship it to my house.