Mustang Gt Below Sticker on Internet!!!


May 27, 2005
Well i have been sending Emails to different Ford dealers around New Jersey Area and most came back with No More GTs and one told me that they put Extras on the car at a price of $36,000.Got one Email from a dealer and he told me he will have the car in 2 days from now and its going to be a Blue GT with upgraded wheels and Automatic trans. at a Price of $28,880 with about $100 off sticker.I wondered why he would sell it at the price and he told me he is not one of these dealers that sell over sticker.
Dammmm at this point i told him that the 2006s are coming out very soon and he said I will be the first one on his list for a Mustang Gt and it will be at sticker or as i said maybe a tad more since fords are raising the prices a bit next year and he agreed.
I really want a Black GT with 5 speed standed and upgraded wheels and what do you good fokes here think that the dealer will get the car that i want since i will be the first on his list????
All the other dealers i called from the Emails they sent me xpect the cars will be over STICKER except this dealer.I think he might be a rear find lol
Would like to get the GT now but since its almost july now and i don't want a blue car or auto i think i will just wait till the car comes in.Hoping He gets the car that i want?If i order the Car as i want this early will i get the one that I want since i am the first on his list?Thanks to yea all Johnny
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Same here bro...I had a dealer I ordered it from for 31K all options black and bullitt wheels. They didn't respond to an email asking a few simple questions...the same guy didn't take a phonecall from me because he was busy. So I searched and searched (with order still in place) and then there was light. Texas Thank you Texas...brand new GT with the exact same options I ordered......28,000 dollars!!! haahahahaa. I called back the dealership and the guy who had been avoiding me (think he was stalling so I couldn't order another from a different dealer and would be stuck with possibly even more mark ups) answers the phone..I said how ya doing xxx here he says oh how ya doing buddy i'm your best freind yada yada....did you get that email? Yah i've been real busy. mmm that's too bad can you transfer me over to inventory. Yah inventory...hi ....your team is imcompetent time to take that order off the books. Yah no problem Nick I'll refund you the cash.

I told inventory what I thought of that one sales rep that screwed up the entire sale. All because he couldn't answer a few straight forward questions..shame isn't it heheheeheheheeh.

Funny when a dealer thinks he has you by the balls and you turn around and stick the car up his phat ass...too bad :spot:
I know another major dealer here in Virginia that just got 3 GT's on the lot...he's asking 31K is blue, black, and redfire. You might be able to talk him down.
well i can get a Blue ,Auto,upgraded wheels for $28,800 and i am sure thats a great price.I am sure the dealers have some Black Gts but i am sure they will not give the car to me at $28,800.Sometime next week i will put my order in for a 06 and since the dealer says i will be the first one on his list i hope they will be able to order a black, 18 inch wheels among other little items.And hope to get it by Dec and if not i will wait to mid 2006 and get the car cheaper since the Shelby will be the Hot car....Johnny