MustangSteve 2008 GT brake swap.


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May 30, 2003
Orland Park, Illinois
Just got my kit from Mustangsteve for adapting the 2008 12.5" 2008 mustang front disc brakes to our cars. Anyone here done it yet? I'll do a writeup if no one has done the swap yet and is curious about it. Im still waiting on replacement parts for the hubs (bearings, seals, etc.)

if anyone has done it how are they and what can I expect during install?
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I have them installed on my '65 is not running, engine in the shop getting machined. Install was VERY straight forward, no surprises. Very detailed instructions as well..

The issues arise when it comes to putting wheel studs in. Get them for a '68 with disc brakes..depending on the wheels you use you may need to get them longer. I'm using 17x8 torque thrust "M" with "0" offset....perfect fit. 16's would be a tight (as in close) fit.

EDIT...when I had the front drums pressed off the hubs...they were destroyed...I didn't care..others might.
If you car was a drum brake car it most likely has the wheel studs with the extra shoulder on them, make sure your spacers have a large enough hole to allow the shoulder to fit inside them. otherwise, you should be fine.

you mentioned 16" wheels..

so I hope I'm not hijacking your thread. Anyone here have experience with these brakes and 16" Vintage Wheel Works V45 wheels? I asked MustangSteve on ebay and he couldn't say for sure, at the time. oops, OP wasn't the one to mention the 16" wheels.

Good luck with the install and do share pix.
Here's a close-up of my fronts and rears.....I've got a 2mb pic of the whole car...not smart enough to know how to resize.....

Fronts are - Mustang Steve '08 conversion w/ 17x8 Torque Thrust "M"/ "0" offset/ 225/45/17 tires

Rears are - 2000 Crown-Vic w/ 17x8 Torque Thrust "M"/ "0" offset/ 245/45/17 tires


edit...and yes...that's the new "E" Brake behind the rear tire....LOL!!!!


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