My 99 Mustang won’t turn on, and no dash lights.


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Jun 24, 2020
New Orleans
Good evening,

In trying to reach out to someone out there who can help me out with an electrical problem I’m having on my 99 Mustang 3.8. I needed to drain my fuel tank that was half-full with very old gas and I tried to jump the fuel relay so the pump could work continuously and empty the tank. I used a jumper cable on what I thought was the fuel relay but instead used it on the starter relay. I went ahead and tried to turn the car on but all it did was produced sparks. I tried to turned on the car on a second time, but now the car doesn’t turn on at all, I got no cranck no, no start. I checked the fuses and there aren’t any apparent fuses burnt. The inside lights, radio and headlights still come on, but that’s about it. The dash is completely dark and there is no crank. The batteries is pretty brand new and is holding a complete charge. I’m still hoping that I didn’t burn my starter or even worse, the PCM or any other important electrical component but I don’t really know what this could be. If anybody can give me some guidance, I really would appreciate it.
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