My engine is clicking


Jun 6, 2004
Hey guys I'm new around here. Anyway I have a 2001 Ford Mustang GT with the 4.6 it has 50,000 miles on it and I've had it since december.

My problem is that whenever it's idling it makes a click or a tap, you can only here it if you are standing in front or next to the front fenders or underneath it. It had a Pro Mac pipe on it and I got the original exhaust back so it would pass emissions. I had it installed by an exhaust shop and it has flow master mufflers with a K&N filter.

Anyone think that this is a problem? Or is it something dumb like my injectors?

Oh and I heard from someone that it had the engine re-built by the original owner(I'm the 3rd) and it's missing this metal clip that is bolted onto the valve cover and wraps around the dip stick to keep it from moving, it also was leaking power steering(It had been since I owned it but it was never low) out of a hose right above my filter because it was lose, I tightened it and it stopped. I work at a lube shop and was changing the oil and what looked like a cigerate bud came out of the drain plug, I just grabbed it and tossed it but I didn't really look at it. Is there anything inside of my motor that could resemble a cig. bud?

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