My first car 1964 1/2, still have it


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Sep 15, 2019
Hello all. I'm 50 and still have my first car. 64 1/2 coupe. Had a built 302 in it (heavy cam, Holley, etc.), auto, fresh black upholstery, single stage garage (but decent) red paint job. Air shocks, Cragers, new fat tires, dual glass pack exhaust and Mickey Thompson valve covers. I paid $1,200 in 1985. Rear end was a peg leg but I could beat anything I raced save a for a new Trans Am that had NOS and steep gears in the rear end and a 1970 Mach 1/351 Cleveland 4 speed I knew better than to line up against. This was back when weekend cruising was mandatory and street racing was 'tolerated'.

My Mustang was built in the San Jose plant, shipped to Hawaii, brought back to Indiana by a Navy serviceman who was laid off the night I went to look at my Mustang and needed fast cash. Frame rails are 100% rock solid. Cowl, drip rails, and top of the A pillars are the majority of my rot being an island car. Floor boards are nearly 100% solid except directly under your feet.

Anyway, I'm working on a 1989 F-250 right now honing my skills on metal work. Hoping to glean some info here. Thanks for having me.
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