My visit to the paint shop!


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Sep 25, 2002
Ravena, NY
Well I went to my paint guy and dropped off my radiator cover. You know, the black plastic piece that says mustang on it. I am having him sand it down smooth and painting it white to match the original color of the car. Hoping it will clean up the look alittle. I have thought about going with the UPR stainless cover, but I think for my bay it may be too much.

What do you guys think? I don't have a great pic of the piece and my bay, but you can see it in the left of this pic.



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Thanks kev thats what i was trying to do. Just cant seem to figure this chop stuff out. I guess i need alot more practice.

Word. You had perfect just needed to spend more time with the lasso tool cutting out the letters. :nice:

BTW - I like the red letters because that seems to be the "theme" of your engine bay.