Need a Good Elect.Fan Contoller part#


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Sep 10, 2004
Need a Good Elect.Fan Controller part#

:D I am COMPLETELY sold on the dcc contoller however,I am pressed for time.I am makeing a trip from Edwards, Ca to Chicopee, Mass thats across the north American continent (bty).I am getting the Dcc but I cant wait for shipping.What is the HAYDEN or Imperial kit that has screw in probe and relay included.I have like 10 days tops!!!!!!!! i got Pepboys,Kragen,Napa,Carquest,Auto zone, please help.I am scared s h it less to take my car over those mountains in 100 degree heat!!!!! :flag:
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Wire up an overwride switch. That way you can toggle it on to full blast the whole trip if needed. Still usefull when you get the dc controller too as an emergency overwride. Just a thought and have a safe trip.
Skip it and put 89Sleeper's DCC in - it's just as easy to wire up (maybe easier) than any kit from Hayden or DeRale -- I wouldn't waste my money on them anyway. As mentioned, just wire up a heavy duty fused relay circuit on a toggle for the trip. But if you're gonna go DCC anyhow - there's your sign....