Need help troubleshooting p1233 code.


Aug 14, 2020
Something is draining the battery, then when I get the battery charged the car will start then rough idle and stop if I hit the gas. I'm usually not able to restart it at that point. While its running I pull the p1233 code.

I've already replaced the FPDM and the CCRM but I'm still getting the p1233 code. I just ordered a new inertia switch if mine is faulty, but in the case that it's not the problem what else could it be? a faulty or shorting FPDM harness maybe? how do I go about determining that and replacing it if so? any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Oct 22, 2002
Your inertia switch won't fix anything. Do a parasitic draw test. You should have maybe 100ma or less. If not, start pulling fuses with your meter in series. When you get down to around down to an acceptable amount of draw, you know where to start looking. Also I'd look at any aftermarket things you might have installed. Lots of times it is accessories.