New 2019 GT, installed Roush supercharger

So, I bought a brand new 2019 GT, 6 speed. Got a Roush TVS r2650 supercharger kit installed. Also added Magna Flow catback exhaust system. As of now I only have 420 miles on it. I made it to the Dyno (it was 60 degrees outside) & my numbers seem low (compared to ALL the people on YouTube getting their 18/19 GT's dyno'd with the SAME mods). I only made 556 rwhp. All these YouTubers are claiming 620-640 rwhp. Roush claims that this supercharger kit is 700 crank HP. At 556 rwhp, that only puts me at roughly 639 crank.

I'd love to hear peoples opinions and/or experience with 18/19 GT with Roush r2650 supercharger.

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Man, I went to a different shop today & done another dyno run. They were alot more organized & professional at this shop. I actually put down 640 rwhp & 570 torque. These are the numbers that I was expecting, so everything is good. Yes he did the pull in 4th & on 93 octane.
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