New 306 Stang purchased any advice


New Member
Apr 15, 2010
I just recently got a 91 mustang gt 306 forged internals comp cam 351 heads torker intake and edelbrock 750 mac 3" longtubes to flowmaster dumps tranny is a AOD with 3000kit and 2000stall B&M slap
I havent had a chance to run it and see what times it runs or even any horsepower idea. Seems a little boggy to me but the guy said he had it adjusted a lil rich and was intending on putting nos on it just never got around to it. Something seems horribly geared, after i run threw first it seems it go really low in the rmps in second not where the power is almost like going to 3rd gear, I think i need to invest in a t-5. I am planning on further investments on this car. I would like to get a possible high 11s or low 12s with this car if you have any tips or suggestions I would much appreciate it.
Any horsepower ideas on what the car has now and what it would take to get into that range?
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