New 66-67 Convertibles In Columbia ???

Arnold Zwiffle

New Member
Dec 30, 2013
Recently I returned form Medellin Columbia, on a taxi ride down town one morning I noticed in a Ford Dealership window ( main place of honor in the showroom ) a 66-68 Mustang convertible in a nontraditional color ( dark green ). I keep wanting to stop but either I was with friends who did not want to stop, I forget, or I could not get the taxi driver to stop after I gave him my hotel address. So I was never able to get a close view of the car, on several trips there also a group of gawkers were looking at the car ( good taste knows no borders )

Later I noticed as I drove around the city big bill boards with a 66 Mustang convertible with a beautiful scantly dressed lady draped over the car in the old 60-70s style car advertisements. Not knowing Spanish very well the words appeared to me to read “ See your Ford ….” With a few other words added I did not know or had seen in writing before.

So this made me wonder, is some one down there making the car New again? Even if on a small scale? Have a hard time thinking that they have a supply of these cars around to do rebuilds except for the ultra rico’s.
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