New belt route.


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Jul 10, 2005
Pulled my engine out around noon today getting ready for the teardown and I've decided since I've got a non-working air conditioner and air is provided by the 2-60 system, plus the fact that I'm not using catalytic converters, aaaannnndd PLUS the fact that my belt is old, I've decided to ditch the smog pump, A/C assembly, and buy a shorter belt for reduced weitght and parasitic drag, I'd like to know what size belt I'll need. I know somewhere on here that somebody asked a similar question and was provided with a 5.0 belt diagram for many accessory/lack of acessory setups.THANKS fellas :SNSign:
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I have this done on my car, ps is where the A/C was and the smog is gone. belt goes from the ps pump, down around the bottom of the crank, crosses over and around the water pump and then over to the alternator. Hard to visualize, there are diagrams floating around somewhere. Also, ford sells an A/C delete kit that moves the PS pump, it works great.
loosened up the bottom alt bolt and took the top one out. this will let u push it up far enough to get the belt on and the just pull the alt back and put the top bolt back in and tighten it up

i highly doubt u can do that. if u could y would people buy the kit to move it up?:shrug:
here is my buddies 351 setup. he is using the FMS P/S bracket.



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