New Ford Racing intake, might be competition for Stealth/Performer RPM


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May 1, 2002
Granada Hills, California
Summit is now carrying a FMS intake that is rated from 1500-6000 RPM, 351w only. While technically the stealth is rated from 1500-7000, and the Performer RPM from 1500-6500, rpm ratings differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and the are all marketed as aggressive dual planes, so i imagine they are similar. ANyone heard anything about this intake?
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I wonder if there are any differences such as flow numbers? I know between the vic.jr and fms one the price difference is $25 or so @ summit. "With their low-rise layout and Victor Jr. technology" is what summit says about the fms vic jr.


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Sep 29, 2000
south louisiana
meanroy said:
I guess that makes it authentic, right?

Not enough to be used in dirt track or some other forms of stock car racing. I've got a friend that's into the dirt track scene, the track they run at said they could run a factory aluminum intake but not the FMS stuff. I turned him onto the old C9OX castings, he'd never heard of them for 351's. Haven't heard the results yet though, but it ought to be great fun when the Chevy guys get beat. They have to run iron intakes. :D