New from TX


Sep 20, 2021
Temple, TX
Greeting from Central TX. Just purchased a 2016 GT M/T and I’m loving it. It’s my first mustang (rather muscle car) and it’s been all smiles since I picked it up. I’ve been an import guy for a long time. Both in and out of Japan with Evos, 180sx (240s US) 300z and skylines. I had a 2015 WRX that I traded in for the GT. It was a fun car with FBOs on an E60 tune and was pretty quick. Sadly that’s about as much as that engine would take before “boom”. Plus the miles we’re getting up there and I’d had my eyes on a stang for a while so it was time to trader her in. I’m going to attempt to post this with a pick of her from my phone. Hopefully it works and thanks.
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