new guy from mi


New Member
Feb 16, 2010
whats up guys and grils, my name is matt craven I live in sturgis,mi I had me a 2002 gt with full bolt ons and a 125 shot, it had 2000 cobra R hood,the real 18" FR500 eibach pro system pluss suspension roush stage 3 body kit and saleen s281 3peice rear wing, gone best 12.77 at 119mph with a 2.02 60' with not spraying in frist and blowing the tires off in second and thured, I dont know how to lift to get tracksion :rlaugh:
my new stang is a 1999 gt I got it with no motor or trans in the car I'am gona do the mmr900 with on3performance turbo kit on it going through the auto and the body kit and rims are going on this car exsept the wing gona do the saleen s351 extream "maybe" mite go wing less, Iam hoping when its done it will be a low 10 street stang what you guys think?
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