New guy in Korea

Hello everyone, my name is Rick. I live in Korea working with the US gov. here, originally from Miami, but Ill be going back to the states soon. I currently drive a 2000 Honda S2000, but I have just placed an order for a 2011 GT. This will actually be my fourth mustang. Ive owned a 92 Saleen Hatchback, an 87 Gt Convertible, and then an 87 LX Fastback with a 347 Stroker. Ive always been a fan of mustangs and I have done tons of work on them, but went a different route since I was being moved around alot due to my job. Once I saw the 5.0's are coming back, I decided to get back into one and definately be keeping it.

Plans for my 5.0 will be the Rousch kit, that will consist of the body kit and the rousch supercharger when it comes out.
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