New Horse (sorta) In The Stable!


10 Year Member
Oct 30, 2008
Well... I know its not another Mustang, but its still cool. Obviously my kid is in awe. I havent been able to keep him off his HD Powerwheels since I brought this home. LOL.
It's a 2012 Vivid Black Harley-Davidson Wide Glide, 103 CI, 6 Speed, bone stock. The only thing this bad boy is getting is a set of slip-ons, its way too quiet and loud pipes save lives.

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May 20, 2012
Saskatchewan, Canada
Very nice. I let my HD go to buy my 96 Stang... Spending time with my wife and kids are more important at the moment.

The 103 will be a great motor for a long time. What pipes are you going with? V&H Big Rads would look awesome on that bike.


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Oct 30, 2008
Thanks guys. I know it doesnt match sonic blue, but my 2 fav colors are black and blue. Unfortunately Harley-Davidson did not offer a straight blue color for 2012 on the dyna wide glides. For blue they only had the blue flame 2 tone color scheme, which would up the price by nearly $800. Originally the blue flame 2 tone is what I wanted; However, now that I have the black / chrome scheme, I wouldnt have it any other way. Its classy, kind of like looking at an old school limo from 1940.

I just learned tonight, after quite a few beers, removing reflecters from a Harley sucks in comparison to a Huffy...
I hate having to watch my every move with .20 safety wire. The only reflector I f'd up was the driver side reflector on the front fork. Reflector came off / db tape stuck on the fork. I had to very gingerly remove the tape from the fork.

It has become a funny thing. I originally bought the bike because I wanted american made muscle in 2 wheel form, and I was going to be happy with it as long as it had aftermarket louder pipes. Now I find my self creeping more and more towards tossing parts at it. ie: v&h 2 into 2 pipes w/ power commander, k&n filter, cams, and a dyno tune...

I know that this technically doesnt count as a 4.6 thread; however, my 04 gt and everything i have done to it is all i know and i love american muscle.

"too much horse power is almost enough..." a quote from my dad (who is still too stubborn to admit that my mustang is faster than the 73 pontiac ventura sprint he built in 75; even though I have him licked by a full second on street tires). Its actually really funny; every time he drives my vehicles he criticizes them, probably because he knows deep down my stuff is better than his. LOL.


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Dec 6, 2004
Since we're talking about Harley's...

I have an '86 Yamaha FZ750, old school sports bike right about the time they started paving the way for the bikes of today.

The carbs have been jetted, it has a 4-2-1 exhaust (Kerker), Accell ignition, and the airbox has been ditched for individual filters. It's a 5v per cylinder engine... sounds sick, haha. It runs nice, and from about 8,000-12,000 RPMs it is like getting kicked in the ass by an elephant riding a missile.

Anyway, I was riding to work one morning and up next to me at a red light pulls a Harley XR1100 (maybe the wrong model?); the stripped down race-looking bike. It was loping pretty hard and sounded sick. Guy wouldn't look over, make any kind of eye contact or even acknowledge I was there. I figured he didn't want me to instigate anything, which I hadn't planned to (even though I was starting to get a kick of adrenaline given the circumstance).

Light turns green and he smashes the throttle before my feet are even off the ground. I hammered it too, but the low end of his bike was ridiculous and he was way ahead of my before I could start to make power with mine. My brain kicked in and I just let off the gas, but that thing sounded nasty. I found out later it was a stock bike pretty much... just exhaust.
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