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Aug 7, 2006
I decided to wash my engine the other day and I may have soaked it a little too much. I started it up the next day after cleaning the engine and noticed the car is "chugging" bit from idle to about 2500rpm. Almost feels like it is starving for fuel at different rpm's. I had a new fuel pump put in a few weeks ago so I know that its not the pump or ccrm. Not only is it running very choppy now but the "service engine soon" light is now on. But sometimes it flashes. I dont have a code machine but any ideas on what I should check??
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You may have got water down in the sparkplug wells. Pull the boots off
and blow the wells out with air, I actually use a leaf blower to dry out any
pooled up water. But you should never aim water water near that area.
You got water in the plug wells.

If the car came up to full temp the COP most likely got steam-cooked. I used to think no big deal I will drive it and the water will steam out of the wells but it steam-cooks the COPs and destroys them.

The code will tell you what cylinder is misfiring. You can get the COP bench tested at Ford.
:search: Seriously though, this is a common problem after people decide to run high pressured water over the Electronics in the engine. Just use engine degreaser while the engine is hot to loosen up some the grease and grime and pour water in specific places.