New shoes for my 71 Boss 351

My Budnik wheels finally arrived. They are 18x10 rear and 18x8.5front. They are excellent quality and weigh only 21 lbs! I am so excited. I just ordered some anodized black lug nuts to go with the look.

I am having a 6spd Richmond installed in the car along with a 650hp 408 Cleveland with CHI 3v aluminum heads. The car already has full global west front/rear suspension, QA1's, Baer 13" trackers ft/rear, ect. The matching 44k mile engine and trans are going on a custom cradle. Finally, after 5years of scraping up money and selling my old parts on eBay.

Anybody want some 17" wheels with less than 500 miles?

Picture 023.jpg

Picture 027.jpg


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I wanna know more about that engine cradle

I purchased it off another Boss 351 owner who had bought it from an engine shop that specializes in Ford. After calling them, it was too much $$. I waited about a month and emailed the buyer and he finally sold it to me after installing the original engine onto his car.

It is super heavy duty, industrial casters, and has the Ford logo and Boss 351 logo underneath the clearcoat.

I will have the tires in about two weeks and they will be 255/40/18 front and 295/35/18 rear BFG KDW NT. That should put me at 10.2 front wide tread and 11.9 wide for the rear.

Thanks for all the kudos guys, she should be finished before this summer. :nice:
OK, they are on now, I just need to space out the rear wheels about one third of an inch with spacers so that they don't sit inwards too much into the wheel well.

The 295/35/18's on the rear fit without a glitch, in fact I probably could have gone one size wider without any interference.


small side2.JPG

small tire1.JPG

small tire.JPG

small side4.JPG