new, updated pics of the car


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Mar 30, 2005
got some body work done to the car.

california dream hood and 17x9 black bullits with 275 nitto 555R's in the rear, stock's up front.

tell me what u think.. my friends have labeled it "the batmobile" i must agree!!!




the nitto's are amazing, they grip real nice, im impressed and i love the way the car cowls so when im driving you can notice its raised, it looks really cool.



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thanks... what u mean by 3/4

i gotta go to work from 2-12 but leave what u mean and ill post them later on after i get back from partyin... im sure i took a pic of it like that
ill have a 3/4 view for you tomorrow.

and i know all about the mudflaps, there comin off i just havent had time workin 30 hours a week and college. the place i had the wheels aligned and put on, along with the hood put them on when i never told them to. i only got the car back 2 days ago.

the hood is functional and leads to the airbox but if you have something aftermarket in the same place the stock one is(ex. JLT, K+N, C&L, etc.) it works just as fine. im just worried about what happens when it rains, thinking about makiing a styrophone(sp?) piece to put in the vent where the air would come through when it does rain and when it doesnt carry it around in my glove box.
I have this hood and it is actually functional and is causing my car to stall when braking semi-hard at highway speeds so I need to get tuned. I was also wanting to make something to block the intakes for when it is raining/washing the car. I have already had an incident that scared me b/c my engine surged and sounded horrible when I started it up so I shut it off, waited, and then started her back up and there was no problem, but it seems some water must have gotten onto the CAI. This was after washing the car, so now I am sure to spray down the hood from behind so that all the water flows towards the front. Nothing happened when it rained, but I didn't drive in the rain, so I think I still should make something to block it. Does anyone have any tips on material to use and how to anchor it?

I really need to paint the mesh on my hood black like yours, it really looks a ton better!
thanks! the hood is amazing.

i too was worried about the rain, but ive driven in rain/snow (yes i said snow, its snowing right now) and nothing has happened.

a friend suggested cuttin a piece of styrophone(sp?) to put in the vent to help block it off and carry it around in the glovebox and when it rains just put it in the slot. i dont know if its going to work absorbing some of the water or more cutting off air to the CAI. i have a JLT so its wide open.

thats interesting hearing about it stallin, hasnt happened to me yet but ill look out for it.

the only rattling problems i have is at 50-65 at WOT 80+ is fine.
buy a dragster scoop plug. they make them for all those hood scoops you see in summit and jegs. then just cut it down to the desired size.

ill post a link after work.
nice, thanks bigcat, that looks more like its rounded though...

the vent for this hood is square, like 3inchx3inch.... u think it will still fit?

and you think u can put that in the slot while your driving or do you think the engine wouldnt be happy cause its not getting enough air?