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Damn, for some reason, none of those vids from that site work for me. I really want to see that vid. because I'm also looking into getting an 03 Cobra. If that's your vid., can you send it to me through AIM, or tell me what website you got it from.

When I hit a dog with my 2000 V6 Auto. I took it to the dealer just to get an estimate, and after he looked at it he sat down to fill out the paperwork and asked me if it was a Cobra :rolleyes:
I came up a hill doing 60mph and there he was in the middle of the road. It did $3,600 in damage including flat spotting all four tires because my anti lock brakes locked up :rolleyes: The rottweiller gets up with a yelp and runs back into his yard. His owner told me at work the next day he was fine. :mad: