nitrous help


New Member
Sep 27, 2005
what regulator can i use to get 8psi from a efi pump (45psi)
Got rid of my carb for a fuel injector system (looks like a carb) but i still want to use my nx nitrous plate system, need to know what to do to get fuel to nitrous system.
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Yikes um, so far as the regulator? Im not sure id go that route but you could probably find one. You could buy a drop in pump that would run around there you could regulate safer.

So far as getting the fuel to the nitrous system, you could run a T in your line to branch off. Zex recommends this on their site for their system.

Just some ideas.

Thats what i got is a t, but still a problem, I still have efi pressure. and i need to regulate that down to about 8 psi for the nitous fuel solenoid.
Can a holley (cheap) fuel reg. handle 45psi and regulate to 8psi?