Nitrous kit with dyno tune$$$


Sep 28, 2009
I am shopping around for reputable shops that install/Tune Nitrous kits, in the NY area. So far the best price I can find is Mustang Magic. They quoted me roughly 1500.
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May 18, 2009
Well I spent 500$ on a nx plate kit from the forums and it was missing things and I bought a bottle warmer from and install it was 900$ cuz it was 500 for the install and the extra 400$ was for 8 gauge wire, cuz the wire was insufficient and the other was for some parts. I didn't have to get a tune cuz I bought a sct sf3 from and I get free tune but they only go up to 100 shot. Tunes though are usually from 175$- 200$ hour for a bad ass tune, but I was quoted for n/a, 125 shot and a 150 shot for 400$. If I were you I would get a plate kit (580$) and bottle (170$) from, then get ngk tr6 plugs (20$) and install it yourself gap .35 and then get svt focus fuel pump (100$) install yourself. You can install all of it yourself but I wanted it done right so I had a mustang shop in town install the kit and bottle warmer. I went from a 14.0 n/a to a 12.5 on a 100 shot.


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Dec 11, 2009
A to the Z
you need to install the nos kit your self, I say this because fequent nos use requires that you pull plugs on a regular basis, that you constantly check that the fuel solinoid is in working condition, some other things too. just follow directions with the kit, its not that hard.


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Dec 6, 2004
Holy crap some of you guys got HOSED!

A nitrous install is not complicated. I bought my kit and installed it myself with 100% basic hand tools and a pair of wire strippers. That's it.

If the kit provides good instructions, as mine did, it makes wiring VERY simple. I am NOT good at electronics. I can't tell you how a relay works, etc. yet I set my kit up (which includes a relay, lol) by following the color coded wires to the color coded diagram. Even if it's not color coded, you will figure it out easily.

The most "difficult" part of the install was tightening the bottle brackets down. That took one extra person to literally sit there and hold a wrench while I tightened from underneath the car.

I am using the Harris Speed Works 2v plate kit. It sells for $499 and is awesome. SUPER clean install with the plate and their new solenoid mounting brackets. I highly recommend it.

And for what it's worth, and I don't necessarily recommend it... but I'm running a modified stock tune VIA Diablosport Predator. I pulled 10% timing and added 15% fuel. So far on the 75 shot so good. It hits well.

IF you do this, PLEASE do yourself a favor and have the car put on a dyno and get the A/F ratio checked. I haven't done this because I literally spray for 1-2 gears max just messing around, but before I put the 100 shot in or make a track pass I am going to verify the A/F ratio. You CAN and people do run the stock tune with no issues so long as the A/F ratio is in check. You CAN run a 100 shot on stock timing... it is "safer" to pull 2-4* but if you aren't spraying all the time, it's do-able.

All a nitrous tune is, is the adjustment of timing and fuel curves in a nutshell.