Normail oil Pressure Gauge


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Oct 11, 2005
I was wondering, you know in the car in the gauges. The one with an oil thing and it has a drop of oil on it. whats it called? were does it stay at normally? mines at the L, i got scared cuz i never really paid attention till i started spraying.thanks ahead
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The factory gauge is a glorified idiot light, it does not matter where it points. If it moves upward, it indicates a faulty gauge or a ground problem (which 94/95 cars were well known for early on).
Guero said:
its just stays in the same place. well at least im not as worried.:lol:
Then you're golden ;). AFAIK the only time Ford ever put a functional oil pressure guage in an SN95 was in early 1996 Cobras. Predictably, people freaked out when it would drop to the low end of the scale at warm idle, and they'd torment the dealers with warranty claims. Ford went right back to a "idiot light" style gauge shortly after that :lol:. Normal people can't handle a real oil pressure gauge.

Dave is right on - hysteretic gauges are done by design.

I would atleast put a real gauge on there so you know whether there is an issue or not. Or atleast perhaps a new sender and clean the wire terminal at the sender.

Good luck.