NortheastIron 2007 schedule


Founding Member
Sep 7, 1999
Central NJ

Great racing for racers and time trialers, fun and competitive, and over $5000 in cash and contingencies for 2007...

2007 Schedule:

May 6th Pocono South Emra Sprint
June 23rd-24th Summit Point NasaMa Hyperfest Sprints
July 21st Pocono long Emra 1 hour enduro (double points)
August 3rd-4th LimeRock NasaNE Sprints
September 8th Pocono North Emra Sprint
October 21st Watkins Glen Emra 1 hour enduro (double points)
November 17th-18th Summit Point Emra Sprints

Time Trial:
April 21st Shenandoah Emra TT
May 5th Pocono South Emra TT
June 28th Pocono North Emra TT
August 14th Pocono East Emra TT
September 9th Pocono North Emra TT
October 26th LimeRock Emra TT
November 18th Summit Point Emra TT
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