Not Mustang related but you guys can help me out.


Sergeant Tangnet
Sep 17, 2005
Port Elgin, Ontario
I need a new computer cause mine sux and I think it's a pen1 with enough memory to hold 2 pics. I found this used one but I dow nothing about this stuff and what it means. I just want one so I can go on SN and be able to not care when someone says "pic whoring DUW" or I can watch a video that dosen't load 2 min of it while I go eat supper. This is what someone around here is selling what do you think. Remember this is CDN dollars.

Brand New AMD Sempron 3100+ Computer Tower, 17'' Monitor, Laser mouse, keyboard. 1.32 GHz, 80 Gig Hard drive. $400.00 obo.
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Looks OK, do you have a Best Buy or Circuit City or one of those big chains by you? I would wait until they have a big sale on them, with the rebates you can get a better machine for less than that. Or If you wanna be brave, go ahead and build your own, its a peice of cake. Let me know if you want to, Ill get you a list of parts. BTW, what type of internet connection do you have andwhats the cdn to us dollar conversion???