On the road again, havin problems...


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Apr 8, 2004
Ontario, Canada
:nice: Hey guys, just got a temporary permit for my mustang and drove it around today. Ive been driving a 1992 Honda Accord for the winter months, and now its time for the stang to shine. I've hit a few problems though! I never noticed before, but the steering on the stang seems really sluggish like its on a 59' caddilac or sumthin... It gives absolutely no feel, and after turns the wheels dont want to straighten out by themselves... any ideas cuz the honda handled much better which scares me. Next on the list, most of the rear interior of the car is still out and I am hearing a loud whine, im guessing its the fuel pump... is that normal? Lastly, the engine is rocking back and forth quite a bit at idle in the engine bay, is that normal or does it need a tune-up or something? I'll get pics of her asap!
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Not to insult your intelligence but going from a front wheel drive to a rear wheel drive, steering response is like night and day IMO. I experience that weird feeling also after driving my wifes front drive. My fuel pump changes tone frequently, it is usually loud at start up until it reaches normal temp. As far as the motor rocking check the motor mounts (just broke 3 of them on my wave runner, I had never checked them in the 3 yrs I owned the thing).