Opentracker roller idler arm and P/S


Mar 25, 2003
San Jose, CA
Anyone have any experience with these on a power steering car? I'm getting into my steering next month so that would be the time to swap out the idler, but I'm not sure if there is a benefit with power steering.
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I`ve got manual steering with the roller idler

Made my steering easy enough I dont want or need power steering at all. But I dont see where you`d benefit using it with power steering, all it does is make for less effort turning the steering wheel in a parking lot or something.....
There would be no benefit on a car with power steering. The original power steering idler arm is made to be bolted tight in the straight ahead position, when the steering wheel is turned, you are basically twisting the idler bushing, and it wants to go back to the straight position. This helps the steering recenter itself after you make a turn. The bushing on a power stering idler even has teeth in it to grab into the frame rail and help keep it from moving. The manual idler has a bushing made to rotate.
On a side note, people who convert from power steering to manual, often think the idler arms are the same and fail to make the change, then wonder why their car is so hard to steer.:shrug: