Out with the old, in with the new


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Apr 1, 2004
Dunedin, FL
Hey folks, it’s been a while since I’ve been out here (save for a post a month or two ago it had been several years!). I just traded in my once beloved 2004 Mach 1 and purchased a low miles, like new 2017 GT Premium. It’s Arctic White with the Black Accent package and I absolutely love it. My Mach 1 was becoming a bunch of little issues that were frustrating, plus it had lots of little squeaks, rattles, clunks, etc and it just wasn’t fun at all anymore. There was a time when I would have said I wanted to keep it forever but those days are gone. She was fun and will be missed, but the new ride is simply fantastic.
So what is everyone doing to their GTs these days? I am so new to this platform that I’ve had to pull out the owners manual a couple of times already.
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The poster formerly known as slayr420
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Jun 15, 1999
San Diego, California
Great choice, other than the model year, we're practically twins! :)

As for me, I'm transforming mine into a mostly track days car. Don't know if I have the heart to start gutting a brand new car for something like SCCA TA2 or NASA AIX, that, and my Ford dealership might look really, really strange at me if I take it in for routine maintenance work.


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Apr 1, 2004
Dunedin, FL
Beautiful ride! What year is yours? Honestly I’m having to catch-up to to the crowd because admittedly I just don’t know a whole lot about the S550s. Hell, I don’t know much about the 197s either :shrug:. I know quite a bit about everything from 1965-2004 (except for the Mustang II). My first car, back in 1983, was a 1973 Mach 1. From that point on I was bitten by the bug (or maybe Cobra one of these days). My 04 Mach 1 was built for turns and it handled like a slot car - it was a lot of fun. I always thought you can’t drag race on the street (well, you’re gonna attract a lot of attention), but you can have fun pushing your car into the twisty roads without getting into trouble (usually)...plus, to me, I love road racing. That’s real racing to me. I certainly don’t wanna take anything away from those who do their racing in a straight line, but I just prefer the turns - much more challenging and fun to me. To each their own.


The poster formerly known as slayr420
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Jun 15, 1999
San Diego, California
AI is American Iron, which is your Camaros, Corvettes, and Mustangs, some others like Challengers too. You've got a certain weight to power ratio, and it's decently well supported in this region. X is extreme, limits gone. Mine is a 19, but yeah same boat. I know the SN95 inside and out, paid attention to the S197, and then just fell in love with b the s550 and Coyote. It goes great on the turns, thanks to the IRS rear end, and with the power will win lots of drags. Mines a 19 base package, just so I could get the motor, basically. I was thinking about 20k to swap into my 98 Cobra, or get another, and couldn't be happier. Got some suspension mods, HRE 20s, and Michelin Sport Cup 2, and still coming out cheaper than the Performance Pack, Bullitt, and GT350s, and whooping them on the track too.

You've made a great purchase, hope you enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine.


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Nov 9, 1999
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Nice ride.
I'm quickly approaching a time when I'll let the 99 GT go. I'm approaching 50 in a year or so and the old Mustang isn't as easy to crawl out of anymore. Like you I thought I'd keep it, although 20 years is a lot. And since I don't take her out much anymore, I'll probably sell it once I decide if the new Bronco is for me or not.


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Mar 5, 2019
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