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Jan 23, 2003
I thought I would make a thread, and if it gets big enough, Joe (VibrantRedGT) could actually add it to the FAQ sheet. It's a list of some more commonly used Ford part numbers. For those who have terrible parts stores around them, this would be a good list to read and contribute to, if at all possible. I only have a few now, but if the thread gets big enough, I'll dig up old papers and receipts and add more to my list. I'll include the list price, so this could be used as a comparison as well. Please keep in mind that these prices may vary, but it will give you an around-about idea of how much they cost.

Ford's valve cover gaskets are THE BEST valve cover gaskets, hands down. They are made of a heavy rubber-type material that is reusable - F1ZZ-6584-B. List price: $25.73

Since Autolite makes Motorcraft plugs: AGSF-32C = Autolite 24's. List price: $3.59.

7-tooth trans gear, used in conjuction with the speedometer gear to help correct the speedometer after changing ring and pinion ratio: E3ZZ-17285-A. I don't have a list price for this. I got it for free. :D

EGR gasket: E7AZ-9E993-B. List price: $2.23.

Distributor cap: F5ZZ-12106-AA. List price: $41.36.

Distributor rotor: E6TZ-12200-F. List price: $7.49.

If anyone wants to add, feel free to. Hopefully this will help out a few people...

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Intake gasket (GT) Fel Pro FPP-1250
Oil Filter - 30001
Heads (aluminum) Fel Pro FPP-1011-2 (cast iron) FPP-1011-1
Exhaust Gasket Fel Pro FPP-1415
Timing Cover Gasket Set FEL-TCS45449
As Ford parts change price often, all prices listed are what I paid at the time.

Cam key - F6ZZ-6B316-A $1.19
Oil filter insert - F1AZ-6890-B $6.69
Oil pump-to-pickup gasket - XL2Z6626AA $0.86
Oil lever sender washer - E9DZ-6C626-B $2.50
Coolant temperature sensor - DY681
Air Intake temperature sensor - DY670
Temperature sending unit for gauges - SW2328
Oil pressure switch - SW2220
Oxygen sensor - F45F-9F472AA (DY703)
Pilot bearing - D4DZ7600A $15.47
Throwout bearing - F7ZZ7548AA $34.47
6 tooth tranny gear - E3ZZ-17285-B $11.24
18 tooth speedo gear - C0DD-17271-B $7.59
Headlight knob - F5ZZ11661A $10.67
Turn signal switch - SW5605