pics of horn relays on an 89


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Dec 11, 2003
hello my horns do not work and when i run a jumper wire from the battery to the horns, they do work. i looked in the electrical books and they say there is a relay under the dash but is was not very specific on where to find it under there. i looked and there is a plug in connector that looks as though a relay plugs in there but it is not there. can somebody take a pic of the horn relay in their car and post it up or atleast tell me the color of the wires that go to it.
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In my 90, its right there with the steering column under the dash. Wires are blue i believe. Maybe Tmoss will see this or do a search on his username for some wire diagrams.

I would say, just push the horn button and listen for the relay to click....but if it aint there or its junk...that won't help. :D
Well, i just went out and looked at it. Theres two relays that are attached to a bracket...a gray and brown. The brown is the horn relay on mine...dark blue, light blue and yellow with green wires going to it.

By the way, thats where it tapped in to get my 2 step to work with the stock horn button. All that was needed was a 12 volt source to my ignition box. Dunno, just thought i was pretty trick in doing that.... I know, over rated. :rlaugh: