Pinch me, I'm dreaming. The new ride has arrived at the dealer...

07 GT/CS

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Feb 9, 2007
Just got the call from the dealer and the new ride has arrived. It is prepped and I will pick it up either tomorrow morning, or Monday. Ordered a Vista Blue GT/CS with all the bells and whistles and it's waiting for me to come and take it away. I'm slap happy with excitement and it's almost like being back in the early 70's, powder blue tux on, platform shoes, big hair, driving Dad's boat, and headed for the prom with the date of a lifetime again.......
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Twilight Zone...

You just woke up and was dreaming. (hope it wasn't wet) It is a week before your car arrives! bwahahahahah

Just kiddin'. Mucho congrats and have fun with your new ride!
The fleet manager I ordered it from, and a friend of mine, calls and says "your Mustang is in. That black sure looks pretty at night with the lights reflecting off of it." After my sphincter relaxed, and I could talk properly, I ripped him a new one for scaring me like that. I have a black car already and I hate keeping it clean.
Well, it's in the driveway. I've been sitting out in it programming the handsfree mobile phone bluetooth gismo that connects my cel phone to the car. Then I played with the stereo for a while, then played with the different colors on the dash. There is a light rain falling so no running around tonight. I was impressed with the power just driving it home and that is stock. After a couple of minor tweaks, I can only imagine..... The fleet manager buddy of mine had it prepped and moved into their front showroom just in case it rained. He put signs all over it with my name on it announcing my new toy. When I arrived, people were all gathered around it ooh'ing and aah'ing. Pretty cool for him to do. Then he knew the missus prefers black cars so he parked a new black convertible Mustang next to it with tan interior and put a sign on it that had her name it on just to tease us.

One thing I didn't really like was the GT/CS stripe on the side. I've never been a big fan of stick on stripes. I was toying with the idea of having the dealership remove it when it arrived. Low and behold, the factory screwed up and forgot to put the stripe on. I was actually quite happy after seeing another identical Vista Blue CS on the lot that came in with a manual that had the stripe on it. To each his own, but I like it better without the stripes.
Congrats on the arrival of your new baby!!!!! I love driving mine so much and after some mods it is even more enjoyable. I don't want to get out of her and back into my diesel Jetta(the 90 HP beast that she is) that gets 45 MPG... I even have driven it in the snow 3 times!!!!! She's got 13K miles on her since 8/29/06.
The missus goes ballistic every time she comes in the den and sees me slobbering over all the aftermarket websites. I feel like I stumbled into a women's prison with a fist full of pardons...........