post lag

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It does it for me at times as well. In my case, I think there's an active-ad at the top of the page that I won't allow to load, so the page bogs. When it does this, I hit the stop button and load the thread from the main forum page to see if my post went through.

You should post in the feedback zone (or whatever it's called). The mods/admin appreciate knowing these things since some issues are browser or other software specific (if you don't use that same stuff, you don't know there's an issue).
Yes ... I get that kind of thing at times as well

I also think it has something to do with the advertisement stuff

When things seem to stall a bit ................

I see that message saying waiting for such and such to load

So much of this stuff I just don't have a clue about :crazy:

We got folks here who know all about this stuff however :nice:

Maybe they can tell us what is what with all this :shrug:

why we are on the subject why can we only search every 937489374398473 seconds.

ok so its not that bad but still if you type in the wrong word on the search your screwed for like 1 minute :nonono:

Yes ... Yes ... Yes

I do know what you mean :D

I use the search doodad a lot and have learned the hard way

Double Check Spelling and Content before hitting Enter :rlaugh:

I've always thought a search would tie up the sites resources
a good bit and that is in place to help with that :shrug: :shrug: