power steering box


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Jul 28, 2009
are there any other cars that have a the same power steering box as early mustangs. are there any that are easy to mod to fit a 68
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I actually called Borgeson yesterday and since part of my biz is motorsports I can get the box and associated parts at jobber pricing. I am really thinking about doing this in the next month or so or at least before spring. I have thought about the rack and pinion options but do not want to lose any steering radius couple that with all of the new parts I have under the front end and I am liking the thought of this kit. Has anyone here installed one?

As far as it being a Toyota box.........I have a Dodge viper transmission so why would I worry about that? If its a box from a mid 80's Cressida it will take me back to my high school daze...That was my mom's ride back in the day.


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Jul 14, 2009
Yeah, it's interesting, but cannot be used with the stock clutch mechanism. It uses a Toyota Cressida box, and the hose outlets are on the top.
It's NOT a Toyota Cressida box.

Here is a Toyota box, notice the angle of the top cap, hose orientation, and the piston is in the rear of the box not the front like ours. Our box is from vehicles that are a decade newer.
Toyota Box:


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Jul 14, 2009
Not that I'd mind if it was an import part (I have a Subaru in the garage), what gearbox is it?
Really can't tell you that but some folks have guessed correct. Safe to say after we machine and alter the box it is not really recognizable as a factory part.:nice:


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Aug 9, 2006

Maybe the frame side clutch linkage pivot can be moved towards the engine?

I think you could shorten the tube of the equalizer shaft and make a new bracket with the pivot point further towards the engine, out of the way from the hoses. You could use the same frame holes as the original bracket and perhaps the rear steering box hole.


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Aug 1, 2016
I installed a Cressida box in my car... Easy fit, BUT, I forgot to mark which port is the pressure side... Anybody know which port is the pressure side??
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