Primer or wait


New Member
Apr 2, 2005
I am thinking of having the 66 soda blasted and having a good prime done so it is smooth and ready for paint...... can I leave it primer till I can afford good paint.. or should I take it to maaco????
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Regular primer will allow moisture to get through and rust the panels. Epoxy primer seals from moisture, but it deteriorates under UV. If you want the Maaco route you need to make sure it's prepped correctly - they just tape everything off and shoot. If you're able to drive it in (legally!), it isn't prepped right. Remove and mask what you can, and tow it in.
What ron said, plus most epoxies have a "window" that they can be topcoated in. I know mine was 72 hours. After that when you go to topcoat you have to scuff the primer, respray one coat of primer, and move on with the topcoat.
Max Power said:
Primer is better than bare metal, but as listed above, there are issues.

I guess I wouldn't blast the car until you are ready for paint.

I would, I did, blast my car then epoxy primed it. Now I am fitting and repairing everything. Then I will tear it apart, reprime, paint, reassemble. If you wait until you think you are ready for paint to strip the car you will uncover something that needs attention after it is blasted that you didn't plan for.