Question about oil pan gasket & hole in block.


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Feb 3, 2004
Converse, TX
Putting the last few touches on the engine. I just put the oil pan on and used an SCE 1pc gasket. Its like the FRPP 1pc. Rubber with steel inserts around bolt holes.

I put the gasket on dry except for around the timing cover and rear of the pan where I applied a light coat of RTV. When I torqued the pan down to the recommeded 10 ft lbs the gasket pushed out some around the front of the pan. Its still in place but its just compressed out some. Is this ok? Dont want any leaks ya know.

Also, on the #1 cylinder side of the block at the bottom, just under the 3rd freeze plug is a small threaded hole. I dont remember taking anything out of it, is there a plug or something that goes there? If not, what is it for?

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are you sure thats the #1 cylinder and not #5 cylinder? (front most cyl, on the driver side is number 5). if thats what you mean the threaded hole is for the Oil Pressure sending unit (and that pipe thing that it goes on). If it is the #1 cylinder and you are correct, i think its gets plugged. i never had a good look at a ford motor on an engine stand, but after being under the car so many times, i kno nothing goes in there (right? lol)


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Mar 16, 2000
Gladstone, MO
here is mine. it is unplugged and not spewing anything out of it since its been running. i dunno what it goes to or whatever.



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Jun 23, 2005
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It might be to bolt a ground to the block

On my 302 in my Torino, I think there is a threaded hole in that location that a big clip is bolted to. The clip runs the wiring from the solenoid to the starter and keeps it away from the exhaust. That may be all that it is or a location to ground something to the block.