Radio Feed Back Question

Doc Voodoo

Founding Member
Mar 2, 2001
Ok geting alot of feed back in the radio. I have a kenwood custom audio along with the CD changer in the trunk. The Amps Are MTX I have 2 of them with a Pre AMP / Equlizer. The speakers are MB Quartz . I get alot of noise from the engine you can hear the whine with the RPM as it goes up and down.
Also Some times I will get a Sound Spike that will not alow the music to come through. The main power comes off the battery and is a very think amp gage that goes down to 2 smaller gage amp feeds. I am thinking its the ground since I have them all grounded to one spot in the back .

Some times it will play for days with out the Spikes though the whine is always there yea just can't hear it unless your between songs on the CD player
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This is one of two problems...

1. Loose ground, if the amps are not grounded you could get some noise through the speakers.

2. You have a crappy signal cable (the white and red one that goes to the amps). I had a wiring kit and ditched the signal cable it came with because I was getting noise, so I bought a new signal cable, a streetwires zero noise 3 or 4 or something like that, and it cost like 40 bucks but it was worth it.

Good luck with the problem, I would check the ground first because thats an easy (and free) solution.