Rash goes into the 6's on DOT's


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Mar 22, 2001
North Delta, BC
I'm sure most of you know but Rash went 6.89 at 203 on Friday night making him officially Canada's fastest and quickest street car ever, smashing the old record of 7.14 and 196 MPH respectively.

Just totally insane!!!!!!

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Larry Phister caught the pass on tape. To bad we had to run a crappier blower than usual. Blew up the good one the pass before in the burnout :rolleyes: Probably would have been a 205 or 206 MPH pass but the chain broke again at the 1100 foot mark! :bang: We will have that problem lickd next time out :nice: Congrats to Brian hitting the 6 mark as well with a 6.92. :D
Rash who? :shrug: ... Tony Gillig (ASSC Racing) 6.615 @ 210.23 in Edmonton this weekend :hail2: :owned:

Very impressive! I just love that car. But that car is aslo allot lighter and running a engine almost twice the size as Rash's. Plus that was on slicks, not DOT's. Figures you would have something brilliant to say. :nice: