Removed Ignition Cylinder - Problems, No Start


New Member
Apr 6, 2011
While troubleshooting a no brake light, turn signal, hazards issue (which ultimately lead to a blown fuse in the engine bay) I removed the ignition cylinder to take the top cover off the steering column. Full disclosure I hadn't done it before, found a couple YouTube videos, and DID NOT disconnect the battery. I removed the cover and reinstalled, and no issues. Found the fuse and replaced it, turn signals, brakes, hazards work... triumph!

Well last night I decided to put the interior panels and everything back together and I removed the ignition cylinder again, still not realizing I should be disconnecting the battery. This is where things got weird, while putting the cover back on I could hear sounds coming from I believe the amplifier attached to PATS, and once buttoned up, I had some trouble with orientating the cylinder when reinstalling. Looked it over and made sure the push ball was on the correct side, and the plastic and metal piece attached in the only spot that fits. Finally got the cylinder back in, but now the instrument panel lights don't illuminate for the gauges, some lights dim slowly, no power to many fuses in the interior fuse box, and measuring 7-9v at the engine bay fuse block.

I know this is a lot, but I went from relief with the first problem fixed to complete confusion with this. A friend recommended checking the negative cable on the battery when I get home. It was somewhat loose last night, and the connector had to be replaced when I got the car and it's never fit wonderfully.
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