Rolling Stones Magazine: Driving forces: Celebrating 40 years of turning heads

In the July Issue of Rolling Stones Magazine there a new mustang add out, it's a huge 3-page add. Telling all kinds of famous music events as famous mustangs rolled through history, it has pictures of...

the 64 talks about beach boys,
the 69 talks about the summer of love,
the 70 talks about Grand Funk Railroad,

Then it makes the very terrible mistakes of meantioning NOTHING about mustang II's and moves right along ito 1982!

the 82 talks about J.Geils Band and there hits "Freeze Frame" and "Centerfold"
the 95 talks about Melissa Etheridge and her grammy win
the 2001 talk abotu Kid Rcok and his album release.

it's a neat add with good pictures and good information...

just spent too long scanning the page looking fro the II just to find..there isent one..

just thought i'd let you know, check the magazine out, it won't be on shelves for awhile I only have it early becasue i have a subscription. worth looking at so if you go to a bookstore check the issue out it's on pages49-51.


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From the sound of it, we should actually be glad for the snub this time.

I mean think about it, if they had mentioned the II's, they'd probably associate them with either KC & the Sunshine band, Village People, Barry Manilow, the BeeGees, or ABBA!!!

Recognition is always nice, but at what cost? :rlaugh: