Rust Free Az


Active Member
Mar 21, 2014
Kingman AZ
Been scouring the internet over the past several months for ideas for my '67 notchback "blank slate". It'll be my wife's car primarily, and I have a 5.0 with an AOD waiting to drop in. Gotta do disc brakes, rack& pinion steering, and A/C is a must here in the desert.
I've been a classic Mustang enthusiast since the '64 1/2 I bought when I was 19. Raced a '73, and than a '74 Maverick at my local oval track in the late '80s and early '90s. Had, and regrettably sold, a '69 Mach 1 with a 351W 4v, FMX, and factory shaker scoop. I miss that car.....
Since the divorce I hadn't had a great car, just the utilitarian type. Then I got remarried to the coolest lady who encouraged me to pick up the one on my avatar. Glad to be back in the game. All the useful tech I've seen here has helped already. Thanks folks!
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