S. FL Guyz.. TOWERS NIGHT...Rog, Joe, Paul, etc

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yobi1kanobi said:
that IS350 isnt rice its lux Plus mine wont be there for sure but I take the 350Z
actually this will be the rice burner coming with me.....

94gts said:
o crap i just realized that im gonna be on my vacation down there for st patraicks day!

since im a new yorker:)nonono: ). What is the towers?
Towers is the name of the Plaza where guyz are allowed to park their cars and show them off. They have vendors there with some new/used stuff, and some music, so a lot of people go there to walk around and look.

It is about 10 miles DUE WEST of the FT Laud airport.

Drop me an email using the link a few posts up if youre interested.