Scary front end wobble at low speed only


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May 13, 2020
Hello all!

Hopefully someone can help me with this because I'm officially stumped.
07 v6 mustang here, 100k miles

When I'm driving leas than around 45 mph, the front end wobbles really bad. It feels like you're turning the steering wheel back and forth really fast. The weird thing is that the steering wheel itself doesn't move a whole lot. It's solid when turning, and the alignment isn't bad. I checked the bearings and they seem fine as well.

The tie rods are older, but they still seem pretty solid. The boots are intact and they still have grease in them.
The front tires are relatively new (about 1.5 years old) and have about 6-7k miles on them.

Is there a specific thing I should test or look at? All the googling I've been doing always comes up with the death wobble, but I think that only happens at high speed. When I'm driving more than 45 the wobble for me goes away. I wanted to try to actually diagnose the problem before I start throwing money at parts and (possibly) allignments and not solving the problem. Thanks!
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Potomus Pete

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Mar 7, 2019
Sarasota Florida
Sounds a little weird , but check for a slightly bent wheel. Goodyear bent mine just a little , and I have your issues. Although I would put it up on jacks and pull at the wheels and check the front end probably that.


Jun 16, 2019
Another thing to do is have the tires road force balanced. It has solved many balance issues for me and the process checks rim geometry and general tire integrity to show any issues. I had a bad balance issue on my SUV and the road force balance showed one tire/rim combination was off a good amount. They did get it balanced to zero after spinning the tire on the rim a few times to get it optimal. This method also optimizes the weight placement from inside to the outside of the rim for even better accuracy. It cost about $63 to do this on my Steeda GT and was worth every penny. The 9.5" wide low profile tires on it had a hard time balancing well using the conventional method.