SCMC Dyno Day @ Amazon!


I will sleep with a Mod for a CT
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Sep 28, 2001
New Bern NC
Feb.24th 9AM-?

$50/2 pulls $25 AF

sign up list on site first come first serve.

Amazon has decided to include some prizes. They are as follows

Long Distance traveled to the event
Highest Horsepower
Lowest Horsepower

What are your thoughts? Ideas for different categories??

Here's what Amazon will be doing...

Gift Certificates

Here's what SCMC can do...

A couple of tees
Dash pads for keys and cell phones

Here's what Data Plates can do...

Personalized Mousepad with your car on it or a set of data plates with your car on it? I might be talked into donating a banner plaque for use at shows if y'all are nice.

this event isnt just for the cobra club, all makes and models are welcome. come out and see what hp your new winter mods added and see what she will put down before the upcoming Drag Day!
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