A local shop couldn't find someone to unloadtake a set of aluminum rims with decent tires incl.!

225 R15's X 4 ............. with .5 inch spacer to clear the upper bj

CHEAP AS shimshine damn it hurts too much to tell you how much but had beer money left over bigtime.

But SweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT! :hail2: :banana:

I'll have pics eventually. Chippin away at the stone. So far have 5 out of 8 panels done (primed - including quarters) UniBody is basically done. Need a nice scoop.

Dust the highway!
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I'm kinda embarressed of posting pics right now. It's multi-color primer. :p Guess I'm a cheapskate but the ugly primer is cheaper for the base coat and then I put the nice black stuff on top.

So, when it's done, I will. I promise. Hopefully by end of July (Just me and elbow grease)

The wheels fit great. Tires are a bit higher in profile but after a season of burnig rubber I'll reduce em to the right fit. Couple tight spots on sharp turns (fender well and passenger/floor pan unibody seam- which would rip the tire open if unattended) but am hammering the seam back and rolling fender lip up and inwards.